Breezewood Links Country Club, Falconer, NY 14733

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

June 13, 2001



    A.  Present:

         David Sturges - Chairman     Debra Kelley - Secretary

         Leon Beightol - Treasurer    David Wilson - Manager

         Fred Croscut - Director  



MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to approve the minutes of the May meeting.Carried.



    MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to accept the Treasurer's report     and pay current bills. Carried.

    A.  The following bills were approved for payment:

              SEE ATTACHED




    A.  Other Agencies

    B.  Committees

         1.  Audit Committee - David Sturges reported for the Audit Committee. David reported that the Chautauqua County SWCD Books appeared to be in order. David recommended that the Board accept the Audit Committees report. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to accept the Audit Committees Report. Carried!

C.State Committee - None

    D.  District Conservationist - Rob Halbohm

         1.  Dewey Manure Storage Structure - See Attached Report

         2.  WRP - See Attached Report

         3.  EQIP - See Attached Report

         4.  CAFO Status/CNMP’s - See Attached Report

    E   District Field Manager - David Wilson

         1.  Hydro-Seeder - We have the signed contract with Chautauqua County DPF for Hydro-Seeding, so we can start working with them. We have used the hydro-seeder to wash the barns at Chautauqua County Fair Grounds. We also seeded the Brocton Reservoir and completed a seeding job for James Rizzo in Ripley.

         2.  Chautauqua County Fair - Is July 23 through 29, 2001. We have started getting ready for the fair. We will have our Agricultural Tent again this year along with a display in Floral Hall.

District Minutes                                                   Page 2.

District Field Manager (cont.)


         3.  Summer Work Load - We have been very busy with tile, pond sites, hydro-seeding and Dry Hydrant sites.

         4.  Conservation Field Days - Was held May 30 & 31 at Long Point State Park. The Chautauqua County SWCD had two stations this year. Brian had one station to demonstrate the Enviro-Scape Model, which shows the effects of runoff. Brian did a very good job. David Spann and David Wilson had the Farm Model Station that we have used in the past.

         5.  Sherman Days - Is scheduled for August we have not received a letter at this time.

         6.  Tire Cutter - Has arrived, now we need to get it out of the crate and see how it works before we send it out to the farmers to use.

         7.  Building - We are still working on trying to get a permit to build a pole barn at the Ag Center. There is a lot of paper work and red tape involved.

    F.  District Secretary

         1.  Bass, Koi & Walleye - Order Forms have been mailed out for fish stocking. Delivery is scheduled for July.

         2.  BBD Certificate Matures 7/16/01 - MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to renew the Certificate of Deposit for the BBD Account. Carried!


    A.  2000 Cooperator of the Year - Tabled

    B.  Personnel Appraisals - Tabled

    C.  New York State Association Conservation District - Pay Dues - Motion by Croscut seconded by Beightol to pay the State and National Dues in July. Carried!

    D.  Northeast Regional Meeting - Will be in Fishkill, NY on August 5 - 8, 2001. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol for Directors and staff to attend the meeting and reimburse them for their expenses. Carried!

    E.  Environmental Health Contract - We have the contract with the County Health Department for assistance in reducing impacts of agricultural non-point source pollutants on county drinking water supplies. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to sign the contract and enter into the agreement with the Health Department. Carried.



    A.  Jay Back to Work - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut for Frank J. Gould III to start work for the District in July 2001. Carried!

    B.  NYS Fair Booth Donation - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to send the NYS Fair Booth Donation. Carried!

    C.  2002 Budget - The budget for the Chautauqua County SWCD was reviewed by the Board of Directors. MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to approve the 2002 District Budget. Carried!

District Minutes                                                   Page 3.



         A.  Chadakoin River Study - Mike Wilson is working with Eve Gaus, a student from Jamestown High School on a project entitled “Quantification of The Chloride Content of The Chadakoin River as it Enters, Passes Through and Leaves Jamestown, NY”. The WQTF has provided funding in the amount of $300.00 to help pay for the lab testing fees.

         B.  Great Lakes Stream Monitoring Project - A grant for $17,000 was funded through the Great Lakes Commission to the Chautauqua County WQTF and SWCD. It will involve working with science teachers in the 7 north county school districts to integrate stream monitoring into the school curriculums.




XI. NEXT MEETING - Friday, July 27, 2001, 10:00 A.M. at the Chautauqua County Fair - SWCD Ag Tent


XII.Meeting Adjourned

MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to adjourn at 1.50 P.M. Carried!

Respectfully Submitted,

Debra A. Kelley


David J. Sturges