Frank W. Bratt Ag center, Jamestown, NY 14701

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

March 28, 2002


I.  Meeting Called to Order: 1:00 P.M.

    A.  Present:

         David Sturges - Chairman     Debra Kelley - Secretary

         Leon Beightol - Treasurer    David Wilson - Field Manager

         Bob Thompson - Vice-Chair    Rob Halbohm - NRCS

         Robert Anderson - Member


II. Minutes of The Previous Meeting:

MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to approve the minutes of the February meeting.Carried.


III.Treasurer's Report:

    MOTION by Anderson seconded by Thompson to accept the Treasurer's report     and pay current bills. Carried.

    A.  The following bills were approved for payment:

              SEE ATTACHED


IV. Correspondence:

    A.  Letter to Dave Sturges from Cathy Young - See Attached


V.  Reports:

    A.  Other Agencies-none

    B.  Committees - none

C.State Committee - none

    D.  District Conservationist - Rob Halbohm

         1.  Approval of 5 FSA Conservation Plans - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Thompson to approve the FSA plans for Kidder Farms, Ben Burgess and Richard Mansfield. Carried!

    E   District Field Manager - David Wilson

         1.  Trees & Shrubs - We are reaching the deadline to place orders. We should be picking up trees within the next week or two. We have over 400 orders at this time.

         2.  Envirothon - We have collected donations for the event of about $2,000. We have ordered T-shirts and mugs for the students. The date is April 26, 2002 at Long Point State Park.

         3.  Building - We opened bids prior to the meeting today. The bids are with budget. MOTION by Thompson seconded by Beightol for David Wilson to review the bids and make the award. Carried! We need to submit a drawing for the electric in the building, and the permit will cost $800.00. We will mail this out to the Department of State.

District Minutes                                                   Page 2.


         4.  Farm & Garden Show - Will be held on April 12 - 14, 2002 at the Chautauqua Mall. MOTION by Beightol seconded by Thompson for the staff to setup and man a display at the mall. Carried!

         5.  Tire Cutter - We need to get the word out about the tire cutter. Cornell Cooperative Extension is going to put an article in the Newsletter. And we would like to try and do a news article in the Post Journal.

         6.  Grange Meeting - I am going to give a talk at the Pomona Grange to the Grange Members on Dry Hydrants.

         7.  EPF Grant - Conewango Watershed - We have unofficial word that our EPF Grant Proposal was approved.

    F.  District Secretary - Debra Kelley 

         1.  Soil Stewardship Sunday - will be observed on April 28, 2002 at the First Congregational Church UCC, 316 East Fourth Street, Jamestown, NY.

2. Audit District Books - We received the final paperwork for this position. I need David Sturges to sign them for me, so we can complete the paperwork.


VI. Old Business

    A.  District Credit Card - We have a credit card from Fleet Bank with no annual fee.

    B.  NYACD Pay Dues - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to pay the state dues. Carried!


VII.New Business

    A.  Personnel Policy Handbook - at our Annual Training Session we had a speaker from the New York State Labor Dept. One topic of discussion was on Personnel Policy. We should have a handbook , so we could give one to each employee. Debbie has contacted other districts to get copies of their handbook for references in creating our own. Tom Brace will help us with it.

    B.  Bryan Mentley Training - Managing Maps & Plans. MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to allow Bryan to attend the training and reimburse him for expenses. Carried!


IX. Water Quality

    A.  Mini-Grants - 2002 mini-grant, the WQTF has submitting a request for funding to investigate poor sewers and septic systems around Findley Lake.


X.  Cooperators none

District Minutes                                                   Page 3.


XI. Next Meeting - Thursday, May 2, 2002, 1:00 P.M. at the Frank Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY.


XII.Meeting Adjourned

MOTION by Thompson seconded by Beightol to adjourn at 1:55 P.M. Carried!


Debra A. Kelley                        David J. Sturges

Secretary                              Chairman