Frank W. Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY 14701

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

November 21, 2002



    A.  Present:

         David Sturges - Chairman     Debra Kelley - Secretary

         Leon Beightol - Treasurer    David Wilson - Manager

         Fred Croscut - Director      Rob Halbohm – NRCS

         Bob Anderson - Director



MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to approve the minutes of the October meeting.Carried.



    MOTION by Croscut seconded by Anderson to accept the Treasurer's report     and pay current bills. Carried.

    A.  The following bills were approved for payment:

              SEE ATTACHED



A.A letter from NYSSWCC informing us that the Committee has awarded the Chaut. Co. SWCD funding for the Upper & Lower Conewango Creek AEM Planning in the amount of $15,405.

    B.  A letter from Stephen Kimball of Kimvale Farms, to Joe Dimura, PE of the NYSDEC.


    A.  Other Agencies

    B.  Committees - none

    C.  District Conservationist - Rob Halbohm

         1.  HEL Determinations: as of June 10th we have received 58 Request for HEL Determinations. We have 54 of them done, but we still need to do conservation plans for all of them.

         2.  Farm Bill Program: Dave and I were at an area meeting where we got a update on EQIP when they get the FY 2003 money. The proposal that they are working on right now is to use the 8 major watersheds in the state. The money will be divided between these watersheds based on cropland acres and animal units in the water sheds.

3.Office Space: Around the first of January 2003 USDA will be taking bids for office space. In preparation for this we asked Rural Development to send an engineer to look at the building and address the handicapped accessability issues. The major thing that he came up with are the handicapped parking, the wheelchair ramp, the sidewalks and the entry doors.

District Minutes                                                   Page 2.


    ED  District Field Manager - David Wilson

         1.  Building - The building is coming along nicely. The State Electrical Inspector was up and inspected the electric last week. We should have a copy of the form soon so we can get a final inspection and certificate of occupancy from the Dept. of State.

         2.  District Trucks - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to trade the ½ ton pickup on the County Bid and to solicit bids on our own to trade the 3/4 ton pickup for a truck with a GVW of 15,000 or higher. Carried!

         3.  AgLand Assessment - We are ready to start this program, we will be putting a press release in the newspaper soon.

         4.  Tree & Shrub Program - We are getting started on this program the book is almost ready to go to the printers.

    E.  District Secretary

         1.  Directors Expenses - I would just like to remind the Directors if, they have any additional meetings or mileage I would like to have them prior to the next board meeting.

         2.  District Insurance - I have a response back from Richard Davies from the Chautauqua County Dept of Insurance regarding the District purchasing our Auto & Liability Insurance from the County. Richards reply was that we did not give him enough time to give us a quote and get an approval from the Law Dept. I would like to pursue this possibility for the year 2004.



    A.  Dewey Pit - The pit is almost completed. Dewey’s still have to put a fence up around the pit with signs that say no swimming. The engineer will be out in a couple of week for the final inspection.

    B.  Joint Annual Banquet - December 4, 2002 at Bellinger Hall, Chautauqua Institute. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Anderson for Directors, Staff, spouses and guests to attend and the District will pay for their meals. Carried!



    A.  Appointments to the Board -

         1.  Legislative Appointments - Croscut & Anderson

         2.  Grange Representative - Beightol

MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to recommend the reappointment of the present board members. Carried!

    B.  Paul Puglia, NRCS Soil Scientist, Retirement Dinner -December 18, MOTION by Croscut seconded by Anderson to purchase a plaque for Paul Puglia and pay for David Sturges to attend the dinner. At Vullos Restaurant Carried!

    C.  Certified Nutrient Management Planner Conf. - 12/4/02 in Ithaca Bryan would like to attend this conference. The board does not wish to send Bryan at this time.

District Minutes                                                   Page 3.

New Business (cont.)


    D.  Water Quality Technician Civil Service Test - January 11, 2003, Bryan will need to take this test. He has applied to sit for the test.


    A.  EPA Designation for Conewango Creek - JoAnn Kurtis has helped the Conewango Creek Association put together an application for designation.





    A.  CANCEL - Everett Bloomer, Town of Sherman, Farm was sold to Tim & Barbara Foster.


XI. NEXT MEETING - Thursday, December 19, 2002, 12:00 P.M. at the Frank Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY (Pizza & Wings for Lunch)


XII.Meeting Adjourned - MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to adjourn at 2:30 P.M. Carried!

Respectfully Submitted,


Debra A. Kelley                             David J. Sturges

Secretary                                   Chairman