Frank W. Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY 14701

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

October 23, 2003



I.                    Meeting Called to Order: 1:00 P.M.

A.                  Present:

                                David Sturges - Chairman                         Debra Kelley - Secretary

                                Robert Anderson - Member                       David Wilson - Field Manager

                                Leon Beightol - Treasurer                        



II.            Minutes of The Previous Meeting:

MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to approve the minutes of the September meeting.     Carried.


III.           Treasurer’s Report:

MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to accept the Treasurer's report and pay current bills.  Carried.

A.        The following bills were approved for payment:

                                                SEE ATTACHED


IV.          Correspondence:

A.            A Thank You letter to David Wilson from the Dunkirk Garden Club, Rosemary Hayes, for a program presentation.


V.            Reports:

A.            Other Agencies - none

B.            Committees

C.           District Conservationist – Rob Halbohm

                        1.         NRCS Staffing -

Shanna Shaw, the Soil Conservationist that served both Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties since March of 2002, accepted the position of Area Biologist. She began working out of the Batavia Area Office on October 6. When the position is re-filled, it may be located in the Jamestown Field Office.

                        2.         Grassland Reserve Program

Three Chautauqua County landowners have signed up for the program thus far; John Swanson, Bunce Farms, and Mary Jane Gerringer.

                        3.         Conservation Reserve Program

Two landowners were accepted under Signup 26, Willink Farms and Mildred Steenburn. The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program will be available soon.

D.           District Field Manager - David Wilson

1.            Fall Work Load – We still have a lot of work to do in the field.  We are still hydro-seeding, laying out tile drainage and pond construction.  We have started working on the Tree & Shrub book for 2004.

2.            District Trucks –  I  took it to the County DPF on Monday for the dealers to do an appraisal for the trade.  We should have the information by the November Meeting.

E.            District Secretary - Debra Kelley   

1.            Trout Stocking –  sold $980.00 of trout for a profit of $200.00

2.            Laser Printer Service Agreement –  The cost to replace this printer would be around $2,000 and the service agreement would cost $1,200 for one year.  We will not renew the service agreement and until the Lexmark breaks we are not going to replace it.

3.            District Minutes –  Email – I would like to start sending the District Minutes by email to anyone who has email.  This will save us a couple of dollars a month and with budget cuts next year we are looking for ways to save money.






District Minutes                                                                                                                                                                              Page 2.


VI.          Old Business


A.                  Personnel Appraisals - Tabled

B.                   Ag Center Building Lease – We are getting close. 

C.                   2002 Cooperator of the Year –  MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to approve Matt and Nancy Beckerink for the 2002 Cooperator of the year.  Carried!

D.                  2003 Teacher of the Year -  MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to approve Linda Seleen as the 2003 Teacher of the Year.  Carried!

E.            Joint Annual Banquet –  The 2003 Joint Annual Meeting will be held on December 4, 2003 at the Cassadaga  American Legion.  I will need your reservations by November 28.


VII.       New Business

            A.        Budget 2004 -  We have heard that the budget cut for 2004 will be 15% this is not official yet, but we are trying to look at ways to cut cost and keep everyone employed.  We have considered layoffs and a 4 day work week .  The 4 day work week will generate the most savings.  We will not make a decision at this time.

                B.            Personnel Policy –  Handbook – MOTION by Anderson Seconded by Beightol to approve the Personnel Handbook and give a copy  to each SWCD Employee.  Carried!

                C.           Staffing –  SARA Grant – MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to hire Margo Sperandeo to complete the grant to preserve the 1938 Aerial Photos.  Carried!

                D.           Resolution for Grant –  MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to submit the resolution to apply for the 319 grants.

                E.            Cattaraugus County SWCD Banquet -  MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to allow district staff and directors to attend the banquet and reimburse them for expenses.  Carried!


VIII.        RC&D - None


IX.           Water Quality - None


X.            Cooperators –  None


XI.           Next Meeting - Thursday, December 11, 2003, 12:30 P.M. at the Frank W. Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY.    We will have Pizza & Wings for Christmas Lunch.


XII.       Meeting Adjourned

MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to adjourn at 2:20 P.M.  Carried!







Debra A. Kelley                                                                               David J. Sturges

Secretary                                                                                          Chairman