Frank W. Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY 14701

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

January 29, 2004


I.  Meeting Called to Order: 1:04 P.M.

    A.  Present:

         David Sturges - Chairman     Debra Kelley - Secretary

         Leon Beightol - Treasurer    David Wilson - Field Manager

         Bob Thompson - Vice-Chair    Rob Halbohm - NRCS

         Fred Croscut - Director      Bob Anderson - Director


II. Minutes of The Previous Meeting:

MOTION by Anderson seconded by Beightol to approve the minutes of the December meeting.Carried.


III.Treasurer's Report:

    MOTION by Croscut seconded by Thompson to accept the Treasurer's report     and pay current bills. Carried.

    A.  The following bills were approved for payment:

              SEE ATTACHED


IV. Correspondence:


V.  Reports:

    A.  Other Agencies-none

    B.  Committees - none

C.State Committee - none

    D.  District Conservationist - Rob Halbohm

         1.  Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) - The attachment is an outline of the programs that will be available under this program and what the payment schedule will look like. (See Attachment 1)

2. Conservation Security Program (CSP) - (See Attachment 2)

    E   District Field Manager - David Wilson

         1.  Trees & Shrubs - Trees and Shrubs program has started, we have about 30 at this time.

         2.  Envirothon - We held the workshop on January 16, 2004 at SUNY Fredonia, Jewett Hall. We have Forestville and possible Sherman Schools this year.

         3.  District Truck - I picked up the new truck today it is just like last years model except for the color.

    F.  District Secretary - Debra Kelley 

         1.  Annual Financial Report to the State Committee and the State Comptroller - The board reviewed the financial report for 2003. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Anderson to approve the report and for Beightol to sign. Carried!


VI. Old Business

    A.  District 2004 Contract with the County - We still have not received our contract from the county. It has been a real struggle to get going this year. As of now we do not have enough money to make

District Minutes                                                   Page 2.

Old Business (continued)


payroll next week. IDA does not seem to have it all together this year and things are moving very slow. We will receive our money in quarterly payments this year not all up front as in the past.

    B.  Appointments to the Board - 2004 Legislative appointments have been made.


VII.New Business

    A.  2003 Water Quality Symposium/Annual Training Session -will be held March 9 - 12, 2004 at the Prime Hotel, Saratoga Springs. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to allow staff and directors to attend the training session and reimburse them for expenses. Carried!

    B.  Annual Plan of Work- The Annual Plan of work was reviewed by the District Board. MOTION by Thompson seconded by Anderson to approve the Annual Plan of Work. Carried!

    C.  Long Range Plan of Work - Tabled

    D.  Election of Officers - MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to re-elect the current officers for 2004. Carried!

    E.  Committee Assignments - Committee assignments were made by the Chairman. They will remain the same as 2003.

    F.  Review Policies - Tabled

    G.  Review Rental Fees - Equipment & Services for 2004 - Tabled

    H.  Review Pay Prior to Approval List - The Pay Prior to Approval List was reviewed by the board. MOTION by Beightol seconded by Anderson to approve the list as presented to the board. Carried!

    I.  Personnel Appraisals - Personnel Appraisals were completed by the District Board of Directors.

    J.  N.Y. State Association Conservation District - Pay Dues - Tabled

    K.  Workshop on Agriculture Environmental Management (AEM) Livestock Odor Management & Reporting Protocol - MOTION by Anderson seconded by Croscut for staff to attend this training and reimburse them for expenses. Carried!

VIII. RC&D - Fred Croscut

    A.  Mat Beckerink - Mat is having some problems getting the contract signed with RC&D so he can get his reimbursement from them. Hopefully JoAnn is working on this to get it resolved.

IX. Water Quality - none

X.  Cooperators none


XI. Next Meeting - Thursday, February 26, 2004, 1:00 P.M. at the Frank Bratt Ag Center, Jamestown, NY


XII.Meeting Adjourned

MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to adjourn at 1:45 P.M. Carried!


Debra A. Kelley                        David J. Sturges

Secretary                              Chairman