Chautauqua County Fair, Dunkirk, NY 14048

District Board of Directors' Regular Meeting

July 29, 2005


I.  Meeting Called to Order: 1:10 P.M.

    A.  Present:

         David Sturges - Chairman     Debra Kelley - Secretary

         Robert Thompson - Vice-Chair David Wilson - Field Manager

         Fred Croscut - Director      Rob Halbohm - NRCS - DC

         Leon Beightol - Director


II. Minutes of The Previous Meeting:

MOTION by Beightol seconded by Croscut to approve the minutes of the June meeting.Carried.


III.Treasurer's Report:

    MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to accept the Treasurer's report     and pay current bills. Carried.

    A.  The following bills were approved for payment:

              SEE ATTACHED


IV. Correspondence:


V.  Reports:

    A.  Other Agencies

    B.  District Conservationist

         1.  Personnel - Heath Eisele is now in Malone and Mia Halter will be starting August 8th they are switching places. This will complete their training and they will be able to bid on other positions when they become available.

         2.  AMA - Agricultural Management Assistance, We received 13 applications, 6 of them were funded for $34,000. These projects are mainly for grazing system projects.

         3.  EQIP - Environment Quality Incentive Program, We received 13 applications and 11 of them were funded for a total of $420,000 of cost share.

         4.  Cattaraugus County District Conservationist - NRCS has hired a new DC for Catt County, her name is Mary Kerstetter and she started July 25.

         5.  CREP Plans - I have one Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Contract completed, for Paul and Robin Starceski from the Town of Mina. MOTION by Croscut Seconded by Beightol to approve the contract. Carried!

         6.  WRP Implementation - Dave Spann and Dave Wilson have been working on getting some of these projects constructed, we have had a lot of permit work to do on these.

    C.  District Field Manager - David Wilson

         1.  Chautauqua County Fair - We have our Ag Tent here at the fair this year, We also have a display in Floral Hall.

         2.  Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection - I went to Erie, PA to participate in a panel discussion for the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection.

District Minutes                                                   Page 2.

District Field Manager (cont.)


         3.  Chautauqua Creek - We have received two grants for $125,000 to do a streambank stabilization project in Chautauqua Creek.

    D.  District Secretary - Debra Kelley 

         1.  Fish - We have completed most of our fish program for the year. The District made $1,437.57 on bass, walleye, Koi & catfish this year.


VI. Old Business

    A.  2006 District Budget - The District staff presented a budget to the SWCD Board of Directors with a 6% increase. MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to approve the SWCD Budget as presented. Carried!


VII.New Business

    A.  NACD, Northeast Conference - will be held August 7 - 10, 2005 at the Marriott Hotel at Glenpointe in Teaneck, NJ

    B.  New AG Teacher at Sherman School - her name is Lisa Polaski, from Great Valley, NY.


    A.  Next Meeting - will be September 12 possibly in Mayville.

    B.  Centaur Stride - The RC&D has receive funding to do some tile lines, spring development and diversion ditches. The funding is from the Great Lakes Commission.

IX. Water Quality

    A.  Fair Display - in the Conservation Building for the Water Quality Task Force.


X.  Cooperators - none


XI. Next Meeting - Thursday, August 25, 2005, 1:00 P.M. at the Ag Center, Jamestown, NY


XII.Meeting Adjourned

MOTION by Croscut seconded by Beightol to adjourn at 10:30 A.M. Carried!


Debra A. Kelley                        David J. Sturges

Secretary                              Chairman