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The Soil and Water Conservation has leadership responsibility for conservation of the soil, water and related resources within the District. The District executes this responsibility by utilizing the efforts of a number of cooperating agencies, landowners, other units of government, concerned businesses and individuals.

Through an agreement with the USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), technical and financial assistance are provided to cooperating landowners and users. The partnership supports each member agency and cooperates in state and federal programs which provide cost sharing, technical assistance, public education, information and products to promote priority conservation.

The District is involved with a wide range of educational programs associated with the natural resources of Chautauqua County. Our children are our future, and the Conservation District is actively spreading the soil and water conservation message. The Conservation District maintains a presence at Conservation Field Days, Visit the Farm Day, NYSDEC WAVE Program, and the Chautauqua County Fair, as well as host the Chautauqua County Envirothon for local schools. The District also presents training sessions on storm water management, the AEM Program, and soil health.

Chautauqua County Conservation District also provides access to professional, technical, and financial assistance in carrying out district programs. Other services are available on request to the general public as well as public and private organizations, and all units of government. Planning and technical assistance is available, such as: agricultural value assessment, erosion and sediment control, urban and rural drainage solutions, non-point source pollution, soil and water resource management, livestock program and pond design. Also available through the District is fish pond stocking and a no-till seeder rental.

Ag Plastics Recycling: NY RAPP, funded by New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, is charged in developing sustainable means for New York State farmers to manage their used agricultural plastics by recycling, reusing, and otherwise minimizing waste from plastics in agriculture. For more information, contact District Technician Dave Wilson.

Programs and Items Available:

  • Topographic Maps: Full coverage of Chautauqua County and Allegheny State Park; part coverage of Cattaraugus County and Pennsylvania. Can be ordered for anywhere in the United States.
  • Aerial Photography: Chautauqua County.
  • Soil Maps, Soil Descriptions and Legends.
  • Recreational, Highway and Educational Maps and Brochures: Chautauqua Lake, Lake Erie and Allegheny Reservoir Fishing Maps; Chautauqua and Cattaraugus Highway Maps; and Hiking Trail Maps.
  • Mulch Net: For erosion control and deer browsing.
  • Under the SPDES General Permit for Stormwater Discharges from Construction Activity, certain contractors (Trained Contractor) and certain Qualified Inspectors are required to complete 4 hours of NYS DEC endorsed training in the principles and practices of erosion and sediment control (E&SC) every 3 years. To satisfy this training requirement, the Department has partnered with County Soil and Water Conservation Districts across the State to deliver a 4 hour E&SC training course. Please call the District Office or check NYS DEC Training Calendar online to see when the next course is offered [].
NYS DEC Training Form

Technical Services

District services are available on request to the general public as well as to public and private organizations, schools, cities, towns, villages, highway departments and all units of government.

Planning and Technical Assistance:

  • Agricultural value assessment, erosion and sediment control, urban and rural drainage problems, non-point source pollution, soil and water resource management, livestock programs, pond design.

Also Available:

  • Fish pond stocking: bass, channel catfish, trout, koi, walleye pike, perch, triploid grass carp.

2018 Spring Fish Stocking

Grass Carp Stocking Order Form

Technical Services

Each year the Soil and Water Conservation District sells thousands of bare root stock trees and shrubs to the residents in Chautauqua County to use for conservation purposes on their own land. We sell a variety of species with the hopes of having something for everyone. This annual program is run in the spring each year and helps to keep the SWCD in business. There are various species of Evergreens, Hardwoods, and Wildlife Trees & Shrubs for sale. The trees are 1-2 year-old bare-root seedlings that range from 4” to 36” tall. Transplants (up to 4 years old) may be available depending on species. Also sold are wildflower seeds, tree protectors, weed control mats, tree plantation signs, and bird and bat houses. All items are low cost and good quality rated for hardiness in our area. Trees are generally sold from January until the middle of March with pick up being at the end of April.

Order Forms

2020 Tree and Shrub Catalog


See how we’ve engaged with students to promote environmental consciousness and education.

Shoreline and Streams

The District works closely with farmers, landowners, municipalities, NYS-DEC, and US Fish & Wildlife Service to evaluate and address streambank and shoreline erosion problems. We provide technical assistance and, construction oversight, and in some cases, secure funding toward these projects. Possible funding sources include state, federal and private sources, such as Trout Unlimited or the Fish America Foundation.





Pond Services

  • Pond planning: The District offers a pond planning service for Chautauqua County residents who would like to construct a pond for wildlife, recreational, or fire protection uses. This service assists potential pond owners in the evaluation, layout and design of ponds.
  • Pond management: Owning a pond can involve many issues, some more complex than others. This link provides information for managing and maintaining a healthy pond. Even though the information found here is fairly comprehensive, additional pond information can be found through specific searches on the internet.

- Barley Straw
- Aquatic Plants
- Aquatic Weeds
- Aquatic Weed Management

  • Fish management: For most people, having a pond usually means having fish as well. The fish management information provided includes basic recommendations on species selection, stocking rates and applicable licenses. The District also has a Fish Stocking Program which is an annual sale; please reference our home page for program updates.

- Pond Fish Management
- Fish Kills
- Grass Carp Guide
- Grass Carp Permit Application
- Farm Fish Application

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