Please be advised that the sale is first come, first serve. The order deadline for fruit tree packages will be March 12th. The deadlione for the remainder of the catalog will be April 1st.

Annual Tree & Shrub Sale

Chautauqua County Soil & Water Conservation District is now accepting orders for its annual tree and shrub sale. Download a catalog, separate order form and the curbside pick-up plan by selecting the blue-green buttons above. Other downloadable forms are featured below.

If you are not on our tree and shrub mailing list, and have not already submitted an inquiry recently, please email  to be added to the District’s mailing list. Be sure to specify if you would like to receive a paper catalog in the mail or if you prefer to receive a digital copy and a separate order form.

All stock that is sold is bare root, meaning the plant is harvested with little or no soil attached to the roots. Because the stock is bare root, plants must be harvested and replanted while in a dormant state and while soil conditions are still moist. Tree protector tubes and stakes, weed control mats, tree plantation signs, fertilizer pellets, conservation seed mixes and other nonperishable items are also made available during the annual sale.

The District would like to point out that, stone fruit varieties included in the Fruit Cocktail package will have the best survival rate when introduced into Northern Chautauqua County, closest to Lake Erie. Also, fruit trees that are included in wildlife tree packages may be slightly misshapen but are still hardy and suitable enough to be planted to enhance or develop a wildlife area.

In addition to the wildlife tree packages that are sold each year during our annual tree and shrub sale, conservation seed mixes are extremely popular with local conservationists and sportsman. The eight conservation seed mixes that will be offered in the 2021 Tree and Shrub Catalog are ideal for food plots, thrive in a variety of soil types and support wildlife and wild game. Conservation Seed Mixes are available year-round. Please contact our office by phone if you wish to purchase Conservation  Seed Mix outside of our annual sale to check availability and to make specials arrangements for pick-up.

Chautauqua County Soil & Water Conservation District’s 2021 Tree & Shrub Catalog were mailed out on December 31st, the deadline to order fruit trees will be March 12th and the deadline for the remainder of the catalog will be April 1st.

Please be advised that our office located on Fluvanna Avenue is currently closed to the public and that Tree & Shrub orders will be distributed via curb-side pick-up with COVID-19 safety measures in place at our Storage Barn located at 3542 Turner Road in Jamestown, New York on a specified date at the end of April. The exact date will be announced as soon as it is determined.

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