Envirothon is a wonderful program that allows students to immerse themselves within the field of conservation. They get to learn about forestry, soils, wildlife, aquatics, and a current event that changes from year to year. Each topic is so important to teach today’s youth as conservation becomes integral to the survival of our ever-growing population. By participating in this event, we just might be creating some future conservationists.

The Chautauqua County Envirothon Competition came back with a bang in the year of 2022! There was a total of 22 teams from 13 different schools that competed at this year’s event, and each team came to win. There was very minor score differences between many of the teams. It was an impressive year for Chautauqua County Envirothon! The winners of this year’s event were the Chautauqua Lake Team 1. This team represented Chautauqua County at the state level and placed 6th! According to Coach Mary Jantzi, this is the highest that their school has ever placed at the state competition. Congratulations, Chautauqua Lake for all of your hard work!!

We would also like to shout out to the dedicated staff and faculty that help us make this event successful and educational. We could not do this without you!

Pictured above is the Chautauqua Lake Team 1 at the State Competition. The coaches are Mary Jantzi and Brian Fortney. The team members are Sophia Shearer, Abigail Parker, Sydney Hawkins, Henry Mueller, and Owen Nelson.

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